Instantly know more about your Linux servers

When you receive the root login to your new linux box, you don't know yet if your server matches the specs promised by your host on the offer page.
With vHWinfo, an easy-to-use batch script, you can check key elements such as CPU speed, number of threads, HDD free space and network speed.

Instant results

vHWinfo instantly shows you the specifications of your server, whether it is a virtual or bare-metal one. 

Easy to use

Getting your system information has never been so easy! With vHWinfo you can instantly find out about what's really in your server, with just one simple command.
wget -O - -o /dev/null|bash

"Fast way to obtain info from server. See how many cores, free ram and space, kernel version, etc. Easy"

Mr. Craig, USA on October 7 2014